About Us

SBITUBE 2.0 is a web video embedding and hosting service created by professional Internet Marketer and Video Producer, Peter Skuse, for business website owners who want to say 'Goodbye' to YouTube and easily add professional looking videos to their website in minutes.

Peter wanted a video embedding, encoding and hosting service for his own websites, that was as easy to use as YouTube, but without all the logos, adverts and sneaky re-directs that comes with using YouTube.
He wanted high quality video encoding that would create videos that can be watched on a PC, Mac, iPhone4, iPad, iPod & Android phones, secure and fast video hosting on specialist servers, embed code and video players that can be easily customized to include his own logo, video player skins, ads and a re-direct link.
He also wanted to be able to 'grab' videos from YouTube to use as content on his websites, but get rid of those annoying YouTube logos, sneaky re-directs, ads etc., host the video himself (So it doesn't suddenly disappear in the future) and use a customized video player to add his own logo, links, ads, skins etc.
And finally, he wanted a thumbnail tool that would allow him to select a preview image from anywhere in the video, great support, easy-to-follow video tutorials, no joining fees and he certainly didn't want to be charged a small fortune for the service.
Not too much to ask then ;)
Unsurprisingly, it proved to be a frustrating search, as the few online companies that offered a similar service were prohibitively expensive (Some charging up to $100 just to join AND monthly fees of $125!) and far too complicated to use, so Peter went back to the drawing board and decided to create his own service that had all the features he wanted.

Along with his dedicated team of programmers and designers, they set to work, and after many months of tweaking and testing, SBITUBE 2.0 was born, and it has proved to be a huge success with all it's members.
Originally created just for his own websites, word soon got out, and after much nagging, cajouling, and yes, even some unashamed bribery, SBITUBE 2.0 is now available to everyone, allowing you to do ALL of the above and more!
SBITUBE 2.0 allows you to have professional looking video on your website in minutes...all for just a few dollars a month and with no joining fees!

SBITUBE 2.0 is always adding exciting new features, and offers friendly & helpful support, video tips & tutorials. SBITUBE uses the latest version of the World renown JW FLV Player, which allows you access to hundreds of 'add ons' and 'modules' that are available to make your video really stand out from the crowd.

To discover what some of our members think of SBITUBE 2.0, click on the 'Testimonials' link at the top or bottom of this page. If you would like to join us and have professional looking video on your website in minutes (Including any video from YouTube without the logos, links, ads and related videos), then click on the 'Join Us' link at the top or bottom of this page now, and try us for FREE for 30 days!

Click on the 'FAQ' link at the bottom of the page to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions, or use the 'Contact Us' form if you simply want to have a chat.
We look forward to welcoming you aboard.
The SBITUBE Team :-)