• Why Do I Need Video On My Website?

  • Added: (2010-11-12 07:21:00)
  • I'm sure I don't need to tell you how big web video is today, and it's set to get even bigger!

    Fact - Google loves video. They spent billions acquiring YouTube and also have a separate Video Search page.

    Their recent new Search algorithm changes also mean videos are now being displayed within the main search results.

    Fact - Internet searchers and your visitors love video. Web video is set to account for 75% of all Internet traffic by 2012.

    Over 75% of all Internet searchers watch at least one web video every week. Visitors now expect to see video on a website, and sites without them look boring and outdated.

    Web video isn't just about getting traffic. It's also about making your visitor stay longer at your site by providing great content (Over 75% of people prefer watching video to reading).

    It's also about converting your visitors to make more money. 

    Fact - Over 50% of viewers will take action after watching a video advertisement. 12% of those will make a purchase. Compare that to 1-2% reading traditional text advertising copy.

    Then there's Pay Per View web video, DVDs, promotional videos on YouTube, and lots more.

    I think the the question you should be asking yourself is 'Why wouldn't I use web video?' ;-)