• SBITUBE 2.0 Videos Now Play On iPhones & iPads

  • Added: (2011-11-23 04:50:52)
  • Well, it's certainly been a very busy time for us at SBITUBE 2.0, but we have finally finished the latest upgrades to our system, and we are very pleased to announce that all newly uploaded videos will now be encoded to both FLV & MP4, which means that not only can SBITUBE 2.0 videos be viewed on PC's, Mac's & Android phones (Using FLV), but now they can be viewed on iPhones, iPads & iPods  (Using MP4).

    Our new encoding system automatically detects which device is trying to view our videos and provides the correct video format.

    Clever eh?

    We had to change our video embed code to the 'iframe' system (Just like the new YouTube embed code) to accommodate all the new coding and features, which means the default embed code cannot be edited as before.

    But as we have the new & improved Custom Embed Tool, which allows you to do anything you want to your embed code and video player, this shouldn't be a problem.

    Please note that the new encoding process only works with newly uploaded videos, as it would not be practical for us to manually encode the thousands of videos we currently have on our server.

    So if you want your current videos to be viewed by iPhones, iPads & iPods, as well as PC's, Macs & Android phones, then you will need to upload your video again and change the embed code of your site (Remember to delete your old video in your 'My profile' section. All videos uploaded since Tuesday 1st November will have been encoded using the new system).

    We hope you enjoy all the new improvements.


    SBITUBE Support Team :)